TENSOR Technology

Composite Air Transport Stretcher

TENSOR Technology has completed initial engineering design of the first COMPOSITE AIR TRANSPORT STRETCHER in aviation history. In comparison with traditional metallic stretcher, composite ATS will provide more stable structure when patient loaded in flight operations. Structure is also capable to sustain 16g and 14g dynamic loading per EASA and FAA regulations and it can be installed on all aircraft types through adjustable slider hole positioning.

  • Patentable and innovative design.
  • First stretcher in aviation history to be produced from carbon material
  • Light weigh structure 40kg
  • Stretcher is composed of 5 big parts needed to be assembled on the aircraft with quick release design options (metallic design 11 parts).
  • Weight saving from traditional aluminum air transport stretcher ~ 10kg (20%).
  • Installation in aircraft cabin much simpler (10 minutes).
  • More stable structure during aircraft take-off and landing which will provide more comfort for patients and eliminate fear factor.
  • Adjustable lengthwise medical infusion positioning designed to provide patient comfort.